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Robert T. Miller has been in business as a restorer of stringed instruments and maker of bows since 1981. Over the last thirty-plus years, Bob has studied with master craftsman and internationally renowned violin restorer Hans Nebel, as well as with the bow-maker William Salchow and violin-maker Charles Smith. He attends annual workshops which focus on specific facets of restoration, most recently visiting New Brunswick to study varnish retouching with violinmakers Oliver PĂ©rot and Paul Weissmeyer. Bob has worked with all instruments in the violin family as well as providing restoration and repairs for the double bass, and he works on a variety of instruments and bows from student grade to fine antiques. Bob is a member of the Violin Society of America.

Trained as a classical musician with a degree in music education, Bob worked as a K-12 music teacher for twenty years prior to opening his shop. His previous career as an educator has informed his approach to working with clients: he ensures that clients understand all aspects of the services to be provided, and works with musicians playing at all levels to help them achieve the best possible sound and playability for their unique instruments.

Bob shares his cozy, cluttered shop with a Plott hound named Hans and a rescued Greyhound, Lady. His wife, Betsy, is a violist in the Portland Symphony Orchestra and a teacher of violin and viola.

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